Athens, Georgia
Curtis Goodin Photography

To any football fan, the city is only known for SEC Football, the dawgs, and of course, The University of Georgia. Each August, college football fans and their spouses start envisioning Gamedays, tailgating and of course many victories all leading up to a National Championship.
However, Athens, Georgia is also home to an exquisite art scene that rivals any larger city. Normally, when art enthusiasts think of Modern Art, their minds may wander to New York or San Francisco, or even Atlanta and the capital of outdoor art, Philadelphia.
These cities are unique in their own way but Athens, Georgia features classic and contemporary art in both sophisticated, upscale galleries, as well as unconventional settings that may lead any newcomer to quickly dismiss it as “graffiti.” But, with the proper education into the world of unconventional art and its brilliant artists, even the most upscale gallery has to acknowledge its presence and consider its worth.
With the help of Entourage Clothing & Gifts where everything is less than $42, their beautiful models, excellent stylist and brilliant photographer, Athens, Georgia’s unconventional art scene comes alive. Just like Entourage’s mission to make every single shopper feel like a million dollars no matter where you may have come from, the entire art scene in Athens, Georgia… from Pulaski Heights to downtown and everything in between, does the exact same thing.
Contrary to common stereotype, the graffiti “writers” aren’t here to make a location ugly, their mission, just like Entourage Clothing & Gifts is to “leave every town better” than before. For example, the vegetable mural on the outside of “The Last Resort Grill” to the whimsical phoenix and roses on the wall at the light of Pulaski and Broad St. are both staples in the Athens art community.
Athens, Georgia is certainly home to beauty…locals already know this. However, tourists (including brand new UGA students) may not know where to look. Featured here is the area near Pulaski Heights but you can also travel to UGA’s North Campus and Founder’s Garden. You will find fountains and beautiful flowers that are certainly worth a visit, especially after a dinner date. In fact, many regard this area as Athens’ most beautiful spot. Or, many couples that found The Tree Room…which is exactly how it sounds. It is an old tree inside a room. Naturally, there is no ceiling to this room but the owners did string up lights and installed a koi pond so this is a great place for private parties and anyone in Athens looking for a great spot.


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