The Tailor-made Lifestyle

By Johnny McCutcheon

Can you name a corporation that you respect and value doing business with? A company that you admire and try to emulate when you conduct business? Is it a business that has no plan, no tailored vision, no clue of its target audience, and/or no clear vision?
Have you ever stayed at a Ritz Carlton property? The Ritz’s business culture is something we all should emulate. The Ritz continues to stand out as a company that has impeccable customer service and it isn’t happening by accident. From the minute you drive up, to your check-in, to the moment you call from your room for help, for your entire stay, up until the moment you leave, you will be addressed by your name and continually asked what you need to make your stay, not just good, but the best it can be. That means that they have placed such a high value on their customers’ many “experiences” throughout any given stay. They have taken the time to create systems for this to happen, to train their staff so that they know what to do when the moment arises.
Why would we treat our lives and the way we live them any differently? The truth is that we all have an opportunity to make our encounters better. With our customers, our co-workers, our families and our friends. We can decide who it is we are and make sure we reflect that in the way we present ourselves, the way we talk to people, and the way we treat people.
We want to help you create the lifestyle and the life that you want for yourself and your family. Your attention to detail in the day to day and your tailored lifestyle are the reasons we pay close attention to all details when tailoring your garments when you become our customer.
JMac’s wants to be a part of your life’s decisions whether you are planning your first anniversary trip (or your twentieth), going to a friend’s wedding or planning your own, or being recognized for a job well done. As we move forward into 2016, JMac’s Clothiers is fine-tuning our operations to ensure that they reflect our vision as a brand for your lifestyle, not just individual garment transactions.
You set the course and vision for your life and we will dress you for the occasion. Whether the look you need is a fresh perspective on business casual, the perfect garment for those once in a lifetime celebrations, or your wedding day–(Shouldn’t a guy make the suit or tux that he wants for the day that sets the course for his marriage and maybe his life?)
JMac’s can step in and tailor the perfect look for you. In the moments that can sometimes sneak up on us like the weekend weddings we attend, getaways, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, or work conferences, we can be more intentional and make sure that we are reflecting the image we want to project. The phrase “Dress the way you want to be addressed” has been credited to many different fashion leaders. Regardless of who said it first, it’s the best advice we’ve heard. People see you before they hear you say a word, so your attire matters.
As we wrap up this year, we hope you will go back to some of the topics we addressed in previous issues of this year’s magazine. A few topics from 2015: “Making your Statement with Details,” “Make Your Statement (tips for spring with trends and tips),” and “Why Every Man Needs a ‘Go to’ Suit.” Every issue includes images of a tailor-made lifestyle to help you visually create your own look. If you missed the August issue, check it out to see our 24 page spread of looks for every lifestyle. Our goal and vision for 2016 is quite simple. We hope to create an experience tailored for each customer, an experience that truly helps each of you tailor your lifestyle to reach the goals and vision that you have for your future.
Keep checking at to find out more about how we can help you tailor your lifestyle.


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