Aging Gracefully in the Year 2016

By Kimberly Naugle Long

Another year passes and shows up on our faces in fine lines around the eyes, forehead, and even a little in the sagging skin on the neck. The speed of Collagen production that used to occur weekly has dropped off to monthly and then every other month. Surgery was the only answer. Not anymore. There are many effective options that can be done on your lunch break allowing you to return to work right away. Instead of the dramatic face-changing facelift, you now have the option of having a facial that will regenerate your skin so that you look like yourself just with a fresh glow and soft supple skin.
We age in plateaus, waking up one morning with suddenly more puffiness, sagging and lines than we saw ever before. Maintenance is super important to help control the hands of time. Instead of just having Botox to paralyze your face to prevent wrinkles from movement, you can have a facial that will create new collagen in your skin allowing it to move and bounce back. The new bonds in the collagen continue to tighten for up to several weeks after the procedure and help to prevent the lines from forming. The skin will appear to resurface after the facial. There are a few different facials from which to choose.
A Pelleve facial feels like a warm massage and uses radiofrequency RF to heat up the collagen in your skin causing it to relink and tighten. This works wonderfully well for the lines around your eyes, smoothing out eyelids for better eyeshadow wear. It also lifts the eyebrows a few millimeters. The RF facial can also plump the skin on the neck area helping to reduce the crepiness and any beginning of the striation lines that appear when you turn your head. The unit we use is top of the line in RF, Pelleve from Cynosure. It does not burn the skin or melt fat beneath the epidermis whereas other units have had some trouble with these unintended outcomes. Three sessions are recommended in order to get a good baseline of tightening and there is no downtime.
Another option to go even deeper and create new collagen in the face to tighten and rejuvenate the skin is through laser facials. A few years ago the only option to effectively tighten and resurface the skin was the ablative resurfacing lasers. These are still very effective but they have significant downtime. The skin is peeling and oozy or crusting for up to 2 weeks. At our practice, we opted to acquire a non-ablative fractional laser. This facial treats a fraction of the skin 30% of the area under the pulse, leaving untreated skin through the treatment area so it heals quickly. There is redness and swelling for 3-5 days while the treated skin heals and restructures. This laser is effective in treating scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and shrinking large pores anywhere on the body. We are using the top of the line 1540 handpiece with our ICON system from Cynosure. Best results are after 3 sessions, but there is much improvement after just one visit. Call for a free consultation today at our practice, Georgia Center for Sight, to see what our technologies can do for you.
With any type of skin resurfacing facial, it is always important to keep up with your regular dermatology visits. If you have any bumps that crust up and do not go away after a week or two or they reappear, then you need to be sure to have that examined by your dermatologist. Even if you have a spot that appears to be “just a wart” or “just a freckle that’s rough” be sure to have it checked by your doctor. Skin cancers have many different appearances, and are easily treated when caught early.


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After moving to Athens to attend UGA for Anthropolgy and Spanish, Kimberly fell in love with the area and found a job in the medical field with Georgia Center for Sight.   She loves working with patients and helping to educate and counsel them on how to best meet their needs.   Being able to speak Spanish has been a huge help for many of her patients.  Kimberly has been working as a Laser Technician in Aesthetics since 2009 and Certified Ophthalmic Assistant since 2005.