Why Every Man Needs a “Go To” Suit

“A Well-Tailored Suit is to Women what Lingerie is to Men”

Over the last couple of years, it seems that I have heard the same message many times: “I don’t need a suit because I very rarely wear one.” While that statement may seem true in a man’s mind, being without a “go-to” suit leaves many men unprepared for situations that require more formal attire.
Are you one of those people who doesn’t have a need to dress up ALL of the time? Most people that find themselves in this position only realize it once they are invited to speak at a function, represent the company at a meeting, attend a service, go on an interview, or any number of other events that require a fantastic, well made suit. After all, let’s face it, sometimes the regular “shirt and tie” just doesn’t cut it. They then rush out, pick something up that, if they’re lucky, is in style – and if they are really lucky, somewhat fits them. They usually end up feeling awkward or self conscious because the suit doesn’t fit well. In the world of business, not looking your best can cost you!
It happens. Really. It does. Don’t let it happen to you, especially when it is SO easy to have a go-to suit ready and waiting.

Now that we know why you need your go to suit, let’s discuss how the suit should look.


Choose darker options such as blue and grey while avoiding black. Also, avoid stripes and pattern in this particular suit. Darker blue or grey will be both professional and formal enough for most occasions. These colors will also work great when you want to dress down your suit or pair it with different slacks or sweaters.

Style and design:

The key is to keep it simple in both style and design. Stay away from trendy styles. My first custom suit was a three button suit with big shoulders and wide legs. Needless to say, it wasn’t timeless. To achieve a timeless look, try a classic two button jacket with double side vents in the back and natural shoulders with notched lapels. As for the pants, flat front are considered more modern, but pleats will be a little more forgiving if a fluctuating waistline is a concern. Your personal preference can determine whether or not to cuff the pants. This is a also a great time to consult the special someone in your life to get an opinion.

Fabric options:

Choose a light to medium weight wool for year round wear. Making the right choice in fabric will help make your suit more versatile and more comfortable in most occasions such as an outdoor wedding in September or the one day a month you have to “dress the part.”


The fit is the most important element in terms of making you feel confident each time you reach for your suit in your closet. The three areas that most guys miss unfortunately are the most obvious to the eye: shoulders, coat waist and length. Make sure the fit is right in your shoulders and coat waist while also being mindful of the length of the jacket and sleeves. Make sure that you wear the suit and that it doesn’t wear you.

Versatility and Functionality:

By investing in quality and making sure that the areas previously mentioned are considered, you will ensure that you have a go-to suit for any occasion. It will be versatile enough for the weekend wedding or Thursday’s job interview.

How to wear it:

Another area that can help you perfect your go to suit is by pairing it with the right shirt and the right accessories for the occasion. If we do this right, we can accomplish a formal or professional look for special events, or we can dress it down for a night on the town.
If you know this is the kind of thing that could (and perhaps does) happen to you, we need to talk soon. I’ll get you into a suit that is both affordable AND makes you look your best. That way, when these situations arise, you’ll be prepared for them, feel great about the way you are dressed, and know you are looking your best.