A Custom Experience

By Johnny McCutcheon

In my last column, I wrote about a renaissance or rebirth of men’s fashion and what I am seeing in my customer’s buying habits. Today, I want to take it a step further to discuss the value of buying custom. Many of us today are looking for ways to customize our lifestyle to improve options and quality. Whether it is a customized workout plan with a trainer, custom nutrition plan, custom house, or customizing the details of our car, we all like the excitement and opportunities we have concerning the experience or process. As we look at our wardrobe, custom gives you the opportunity to customize the shopping experience in terms of time and product. Before I talk about the why, I want to address a few myths that many people have concerning custom clothing.

Myth 1: It is too expensive.

Fact: While there are some really high end custom options, you can also typically find something within your budget. However, the concept of buying custom clothing should never be compared with the array of low price off the rack shopping options that many stores throw our way today. Sometimes it is best to remember that we get what we pay for and many times custom clothing feels more than affordable because of the value and quality the customer receives.

Myth 2: It takes months and months to get my clothing.

Fact: While the process does take longer than walking out of the store with an item that same day, in most cases the process typically takes four to six weeks.

Myth 3: It is difficult or inconvenient to find a tailor/ clothier unless you’re in a big city.

Fact: The process is fairly simple; the clothier will typically come to you at your home or office, and most clothiers travel, so it doesn’t have a to be a “big city only” process.
Be on the lookout for next issue as I unravel more myths about custom clothing.


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Johnny McCutcheon is the owner of JMac’s Clothiers, a men’s concierge clothing company. He has been an Athens/Oconee area resident for over 12 years. He is a graduate of Presbyterian College, and has enjoyed careers in both education and insurance. Visit jmacsclothiers.com to learn more about the JMac’s experience.

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