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By Meredith Page Jones

Over the past several years you’ve probably noticed a popular buzz word when shopping for apparel and shoes. Performance. We all want to lead or should lead an active lifestyle. Companies from Nike to Reebok to Under Armour and many others all cater to the active individual. In fact, you cannot watch 20 minutes of television without seeing some form of advertising aimed at the active person.

Items labeled with the word “Performance” are constructed of fabrics and materials which have been technologically engineered with a range of properties designed to make the item more wearable or easier to care for.

Some of these properties may include moisture wicking to keep you dry, wrinkly resistance so your garments stay neat throughout the day, breathability to keep your feet cool, or lightweight so your walking is more comfortable. These materials began as the sole province of active and sportswear, but as these materials have evolved they have found a natural home in the fashion marketplace. The term “Performance” is broad enough that it may have a different use from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you should consider the word as an invitation to learn more about the awesome features the product bearing such a label has to offer.
Here are some examples of the range of performance products available at Madeleine Page, classy footwear and accessories.

Sesto Meucci Sport: In addition to the advanced foam cushioning each piece of footwear in this line offers, the materials constructing the upper portion of the shoe maximize breathability while minimizing weight. The shoes in this line are designed to provide excellent comfort while also offering the fashion styling you’d expect from a brand like Sesto Meucci.

Peter Millar Performance: The performance fabric used for Peter Millar pants and shorts offer some of the best performance features available. The comfort stretch feature helps ensure a fantastic fit, the soft drape of the fabric allows for maximized mobility, and the moisture wicking keeps you cool and comfortable. Many of their shirts and outerwear have similar features and benefits.

Cole Haan ZerøGrand: Seamlessly marrying style and design, Cole Haan has developed a fashionable line of performance shoes which their website advertises as “astonishingly lightweight, adaptively flexible, responsively cushioned, and dynamically breathable.” To demonstrate the blend of fashion and functionality Cole Haan has collaborated with the New York City Ballet featuring ZerøGrand Stagedoor styles.

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Meredith is an associate buyer and the advertising department for Madeleine Page, classy footwear and accessories at Lake Oconee. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Georgia (‘04) and studied for two years in the Creative Circus Art Direction program.

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