A Great Place to be

By Gary H Conley – Retired, Avid Sportsman

Old Hudson Plantation is located on Georgia Highway 16, about ten miles west of Sparta, Georgia. This quiet place has been in Neal Bush’s family since 1779 and he is the fifth generation to live on the property. Neal and his wife, Nancy, were away for a while, but when their sons became interested in the shooting sports, they moved back to the “farm.”

Old Hudson began as a working farm that grew corn and cotton. The land was once worked by hand with plow mules and horses, but today, the heavy work is performed with modern tractors. One of their major activities is hatching wild game birds. They have three incubators that can hatch up to forty two thousand quail chicks each! These birds are sold to folks that raise them to hunt or sell and many of them are raised by Old Hudson to provide birds for the fields where they host guided quail hunts.

Old Hudson is a thriving modern sporting club that offers skeet, trap, five-stand, and sporting clays. Each of these venues are a different discipline for shooting shotguns and offers the shooter an opportunity to hone their shot-gunning skills. Old Hudson hosts tournaments in each of these shooting styles. Many of the tournaments are for high school teams; some are registered target tournaments and some of them are fund raisers for various causes. Team building exercises for corporate groups are held often on the five-stand. These participants learn how to work together to plan strategies for breaking targets and being a team. Regardless of the organization or cause, all the participants enjoy spending a day among the tall pines and “busting a few caps.”

Old Hudson is a membership shooting club and the benefits of being a member far outweigh the cost. Members get discounts on all the shooting venues, several shooting events, and merchandise in the pro-shop. Whether you are buying a shotgun, ammo, participating in a pheasant tower shoot or buying apparel, it pays off to be a member.

Old Hudson is also a full service gun shop. They are dealers for Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Browning, and Rizini shotguns. However, they can also get almost any other brand that you may want through their extensive network of suppliers. Don’t forget to shop with them for ammunition also. They have competitive rates on several brands of shotshells and bullets.

If you want to learn to shoot a shotgun, get in touch with Neal or Nancy. They have several NSCA certified instructors that would be happy to work with you. The current student make-up consists of shooters of all ages, genders and reasons for learning to shoot. Shooting instruction is the best way to learn to shoot safely and proficiently.

Neal and Nancy want everyone that visits Old Hudson to have a safe, fun and rewarding experience. Visit the website, www.oldhudsonplantation.com, to get information on their memberships, rates and events. So, if you are interested in shooting, buying a gun, taking a lesson, or hunting quail, give them a call! You will be glad that you did.



Gary, a retired banker, is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys golf, hunting, fishing and most of the shotgun sports. He enjoys working with new shooters and is a Level I NSCA certified instructor.

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