An introduction to Prestige properties specialist

By John Johnson, Broker

I’d like to take the opportunity in my first column to introduce myself and my company to the avid readers of Southern Distinction.

Hello, my name is John Johnson. I have been a full-time Realtor for the past 20 years. I am the owner and broker of Prestige Property Specialists, Athens largest independent real estate firm, and a Vice President of the Athens Area Association of Realtors.

Previous to my career in real estate, I received my Landscape Architecture degree from UGA in 1989. Some may think it is a stretch to go from landscape architecture to real estate, but it’s been surprising how much the two can go hand in hand, and I often use my landscape design skills and knowledge to show home buyers the full potential of a property, or when need be, potential negative issues with a property. It works both ways.

I started Prestige Property Specialists at the height of the recession in 2009 with one desk in a big office and an idea that I wanted to create an office with an agent-centric concept, where if the agents were doing well and were happy, then I would be successful. Thankfully, that has been the case. I didn’t want a huge office, in fact I wanted no more than 30 agents at any given time so I could stay in personal contact with all of them and no one felt like just a number or warm body. I care very much for all of my agents and want to help them be successful in any way I can. In fact, we have implemented a policy of getting together outside of the office once a month so the agents can feel more connected to each other and to me as their broker. My door is never closed, and my agents know that they can call me at any hour with a question or problem that they might be having. We want our clients transactions to be as smooth and stress free as possible, and if it takes a call at 11pm to accomplish that, then I’m all for it.

PPS has agents who can assist you in any type of real estate transaction, be it new construction, land sales, residential or commercial transactions. Recently, Prestige Property Specialists has become licensed in South Carolina, and before the end of the year, will be licensed in Florida as well. Thanks to the trust our customers and clients have put in us, we are able to expand the company into these other states.

In my future columns, I will get into some interesting aspects of real estate transactions and how to avoid pitfalls and delays when trying to buy or sell a property, along with other topics.

I’d also love to hear from you on topics that might be of interest to the readers of Southern Distinction.

Thanks for reading.


John Johnson

John started his real estate career in the Lake Oconee area, in January 1995 after working for legendary golfer, Jack Nicklaus, in his golf course design firm. Since then, John has received numerous awards. Most recently John was awarded the Circle of Achievement Award from the Athens Association of Realtors. John currently serves as the Athens board’s Vice-President of communication.