Ashton Gardens

By Varessa Butts

The City of Sugar Hill is full of hidden gems. From quirky bakeries to the unique, state-of-the-art amphitheater, the city is full of interesting places to explore. Sugar Hill is quickly becoming the place to go for entertainment and relaxation. There is, however, another very important reason to get dressed up and visit Sugar Hill because tucked away in a private forest, right on the edge of town, is a gorgeous hidden wedding venue.

Ashton Gardens is a unique special event facility that caters exclusively to high end wedding ceremonies and receptions. Secluded in a private garden, the venue features a European-inspired chapel that is carved of stone and has natural timber buttresses and illuminating floor-to-ceiling windows. The reception venue consists of two elegant ballrooms that overlook lush gardens, fountains and private courtyards.

The venue offers the ability to host a chapel ceremony and a grand reception at the same location, which is appreciated by couples and their guests. The venue also has a professional and experienced culinary staff that rivals the finest restaurants. Ashton Garden’s chefs create menus that reflect the newest culinary trends and rival the finest dining experiences.

Staff members at the Gardens are at the ready to provide the finest guest experience from the first phone call, through the planning stages and to the end of the reception. The venue’s philosophy of highly personalized service creates an environment that is perfect for any couple’s wedding dreams. Service at Ashton Gardens goes even further, providing all-inclusive packages that make pricing transparent and easy to understand.

Not only is the facility a beautiful asset to the community, but an economic development driver as well. The venue hosts over 200 events annually, bringing over 35,000 guests to Sugar Hill each year.

Sugar Hill is certainly fortunate to be home to hidden treasures such as Ashton Gardens. As the city continues to get bigger and busier, Ashton Gardens will continue to be a little bit of serenity and privacy for couples to celebrate the biggest day of their lives.