Bee Healthy

By Brianna B. Kidd

As a child, nothing was more boring than history. Although some people love and cherish learning about the past, I was more interested in learning about what’s going on today. The older I got the more and more appealing history became, but still the thought of hearing tales about family members from yesteryear never piqued my interest.

It was until the age of 26 that I wanted to learn more about my lineage and why I am the way I am. When we started Blue Haven Bee Company, we used so many pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. Then the thought occurred… if I don’t learn about my lineage now then who will teach future generations? Society has become so in tune with technology that it’s hard to realize what people did before texting, the internet, or emails. Something has to change or what shapes our lives now will be lost with the upcoming generations.

Blue Haven Bee Company was founded on family. We are a family business, we use our family farm to raise honeybees, we use vintage pieces and barn wood to build displays, our warehouse was a successful sewing plant for jeans that my grandparents owned, and the list goes on. The tables we use in our store were passed down from dining room tables from my childhood to old doors that were used in our small town over 100 years ago. We refurbished the doors to make a table and shelf that makes for great conversation pieces. Family history is what makes us who we are today. Family trumps all.

Now, at the ripe age of 30, I find it so fascinating to sit down with my elders and learn about life “back in the day.” I love learning about the barn my father played in that now is the most beautiful display that houses my brothers stunning pottery; or sitting at my desk that was once my father’s in the sewing plant and remembering visiting him as a child, never thinking that one day, in the exact location that desk would become mine.

I wake up and see my family every day. I know their quirks and I can see myself in them. Blue Haven Bee Company is truly a family business. We make decisions daily, together, as a team. My husband, Caleb, fits in beautifully and makes our team stronger. I am so lucky to have found someone that would and could work alongside my family and help build our business.


In just three short years, we have grown our business and are in over 150 stores and have shipped to EVERY state in the USA and Canada. We have over doubled our apiary (bee farm) and our body care offerings. We all have our roles and all make different products that have evolved into the best, all natural body care you will find. We have found our processes and have pushed through growing pains. Though, it hasn’t always been easy, especially when you don’t agree. You see, with family, you’re honest. You don’t hold back. However, you have an underlying trust and we all know that we are in this together. Blue Haven isn’t a job you leave behind at 5p.m., it’s a part of us. Have you heard the saying starting a business is like having a newborn baby? Well this is true in more ways than one. Bottom line, we may have our trials, but what’s great is our family can get through anything, together.

If you see us out in town, more than likely we’re together. Many think this is unusual. How do you work and play with your family? Well, all I can say is we’re very close and despite it not always being perfect, we love each other for who we all truly are. We are cheerleaders for each other’s and our business success. Now looking back, family is what defines Blue Haven Bee Company. From the history of entrepreneurship to all of the assets that were left for us to uncover. Our present and past family makes our company all the buzz. Please come by our warehouse and retail location to see our live bees, cool vibe, sample some honey, and check out our next move to continue to grow our family business.

Come see us at 2069 Bond Ave Canon, GA, shop online or visit one of our great retailers. We proudly present you the finest raw, pure honey varietals, natural body care, beeswax candles, and artisan pottery. Shop Blue Haven Bee Company and #discovernaturesnectar! We appreciate your patronage more than you will ever know!