Continuing the Legacy Athens’ Own Executive Offices

By Annette Nelson, CPA

The Michael Brothers Building has always been a vital part of downtown Athens. Evolving and changing with the times and meeting the needs of its community.

Of all the floors in the Michael Brothers Building, the 4th floor has been through the most changes.


From 1922 until World War II, women would come from all over Northeast Georgia to buy fine linens and lace, and to have their tailored dresses and drapes made. In 1942, when the U.S. Navy Georgia Pre-Flight Base opened on the UGA Campus, there was not enough space for the incoming cadets. So the Michaels graciously allowed the soldiers attending the signal corps communication school called the ASTP to occupy the floor. From 1953 to 1982 the floor was part of Davison’s Department Store. The floor was vacant for over 20 years, until Nelson Properties leased the floor to the UGA Grad School from 2005 to 2012.

In 2013, after some extensive research into to what was missing in downtown Athens, Nelson Properties opened Athens’ first and only true executive office space, Park Plaza Executive Offices.


Michael Brothers Building –ca 1930

Park Plaza Executive Offices houses 25 small private office spaces starting at $250/month, 5 semi-private office spaces for $200/month and 6 open workstations for $100/month. All tenants have access to our office assistant, two conference rooms, high speed internet, power, warming kitchen/break area and client waiting areas. Park Plaza Executive Offices also offers professional Virtual packages starting at $100/month. This is a great option for those of you who need a prestigious business mailing address but would prefer to work from home. Options are available to bundle conference room time and/or private office use.

Visit to learn more information, see prices and availability as well as a gallery of images that are sure to rival your current business location.


Annette Nelson head

Annette Nelson is a local CPA who owns and manages the Michael Brothers Building. A past Chair of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce and a member of several local boards, Annette is always looking for new ways to add to the already thriving downtown Athens.

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