Decorating Your Nursery

By Cassy Young, 2016 recipient of the International “Dream Room Award”

First Things First

Make it easy for you! Consider selecting a room in your home that’s close to your master bedroom.

Have Fun With Colors

While the most popular colors for nurseries are gentle pastels—mint green, sky blue, pinks and creamy yellows— psychologists say children like and thrive around primary colors.

Control the Light

Pay attention to the direction your nursery faces. Sunlight streaming into your child’s room during most of the day—or even street lights beaming into your nursery during the evening—might make sleeping a bit difficult. If this is the case, shades or drapery with blackout lining will give you the option to keep the room dark for sleeping.

Safety is a Must

  • Be sure to childproof all locks and outlets.
  • Anchor furniture, so you’re sure it won’t accidentally tip over.
  • Avoid using space heaters.
  • Check on “hand-me-down” products to be sure they haven’t been recalled and are in safe working order. This is especially important with cribs, as safety regulations have changed in recent years.

Create a Room Your Child Can “Grow Into”

Select furniture that will grow with your child. For instance, a baby armoire is a great idea for storing those precious little clothing items. Once your child ages, this same piece of furniture could easily be converted to a computer desk. Manufacturers now offer cribs that convert beautifully to toddler and then to full sized beds.

Furniture Arranging Is As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

  • Don’t place your crib close to a window, try an inside wall or angle instead.
  • In the beginning, it’s wise to keep your room arrangements simple and functional for YOU!
  • Select furnishings that are as maintenance-free as possible.
  • As in all decorating start with the largest areas, walls and floor, first.
  • Add a comfortable chair: a great addition to any nursery’s floor plan.
  • Allow for plenty of light in the room. A ceiling light is not enough, so consider adding lamps at the bedside or sconces on the walls.

Windows, Walls, And Floors – Oh My!

Wonderful Windows
Most blinds and shades are available with cordless mechanism for safety. Curtains topped with a fun, light hearted, thematic top treatment might just help insure a good night’s sleep for your newborn.

Whimsical Walls
Have fun with wallcovering! There are so many beautiful options available now that will make you rethink wallpaper. When painting your walls be sure to use low VOC paint in a washable finish. Try adding some handmade art to continue your room’s theme.

Fabulous Flooring
From braided area rugs to rugs featuring light hearted colorful patterns, this great and practical accent will not only help warm your nursery area, but will also add that whimsical touch. Make sure the rug is soft for playtime.

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