Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That Your Leggings Aren’t Pants You don’t need that negativity in your life

By Connie Popwell

Most popular gift under the Popwell family tree last Christmas? If you are thinking of Kindles, Eggcessories or jewelry, then guess again! I sat back in my reindeer jammies and watched as box after bag and bundle of fashionable, yet functional fitness clothing was unwrapped. Activewear is the fastest growing sector of the apparel industry, and trends have quickly evolved to encompass pieces that are characterized with versatility and transitional elements. Gone are the days when your gym bag was forced to follow you everywhere. It has never been easier to throw on your most loved workout ensemble with your favorite Heery’s booties, Sonia Says bracelet and Encore sheath– and look like a million bucks!
As the fitness industry has locked arms with the fashion world in recent years, it’s no surprise that consumers across the world are buying into the phenomenon. Purchasers experience the perception of feeling chic and athletic with an added sense of wellbeing. You can work out (or not), go out, and hang out– all in one outfit! At Pure Barre Athens, we are consistently promoting the pieces in our high end women’s activewear boutique as being perfect from “barre to bar,” and it is not uncommon to spot one of our clients grabbing a casual bite post-workout in the same leggings or tank that you saw them pulsing in thirty minutes prior.
Aside from looking stylish, product quality has progressed across the board within the industry due to the number of competitors who have entered the market in recent years. It seems like every week you see a favorite designer or celebrity announce their new athletic line to the public. According to Amy Tankersley, VP of Product and Retail Strategy at Pure Barre Corporate, “Quality pieces take the emphasis off of the clothing and puts the focus into your workout, as there is less rubbing, need to adjust and movement restriction.” Plus, the increase in the quantity of options available provides different styles and fits that cater to individual body types and weight fluctuations.
Wondering where you can shop the craze? Lululemon Athletica is located on Prince Avenue, just off of the Athens downtown scene, and offers “technical athletic apparel” for most “sweaty pursuits.” If you don’t already own a pair of Wunder Unders, then you need to make a trip to the lululemon dressing room. Pure Barre Athens, located in the Alps Village Shopping Center (Kroger), offers the rest of the activewear brands that are winning over the world– Splits59, Beyond Yoga, Rese (pictured), Alo Yoga, Nux, and Pure Barre by Splits59, in addition to accessories from Made With Love, Lily & Laura, Pure Vida, and Dogeared. Yogi, barre babe, runner, spinner, jogger, walker, trapeze artist, dancer or professional couch sitter, what are you waiting on? Tankersley, sums it up best: “If you wear something that instills confidence, you bring that confidence into your workout.”


Connie (Pure Barr)

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Connie graduated from UGA’s Terry College of Business. She moved to Atlanta, where she was introduced to Pure Barre. After experiencing the technique for herself, Connie was hooked. As the owner of the Athens and brand new Tallahassee (I added this small section to your bio) studio, she loves empowering others to be their best! Visit for more information on “the workout that is sweeping the nation.”