Fashionable Gift Giving

By Meredith Page Jones

Year round we consider our own fashion choices, but as the year comes to a close, collectively we find ourselves reflecting on the gifts we can give to others. With birthdays and a myriad of other holidays, we have opportunities to give gifts year round and this guide can help spark ideas for any gift giving occasion. Some of the categories which make great fashion gifts are accessories, apparel, and trinkets.
Accessory items that you might consider giving (or requesting) as a gift are hats, gloves, and scarves. In cooler weather these are useful, wearable items for everyone, and as a bonus, there are usually no sizing issues to consider. With a hat, glove set, or scarf you have the opportunity to find fun, quirky items that match your loved ones’ personalities. Something to keep in mind when shopping for gloves is the pervasive nature of touch based electronic devices. There are two popular options to mesh the desire to wear gloves with the need to access the device, and those are smart gloves with conductive pads on the fingers, and (my personal favorite) fingerless gloves. Similar to hats, gloves, and scarves, socks in whimsical prints can be a delightful present, especially for those who may have no other outlet for fashionable fun in their daily wear. Similarly to socks, slippers are a popular gift idea. An especially wonderful collection of slippers are offered by UGG Australia. Many of these slippers have full soles so they can be worn out of the house, and they also feature sheepskin linings for amazing comfort.
If you’re buying for a lady in your life, then a handbag or wallet might be a lovely gift. A handbag is a more personal style item than some of the other accessories, however, if you are not confident that you know the recipient’s taste well enough to find the right bag, then seek out assistance from the ladies at Madeleine Page, classy footwear and accessories. They can help you match your loved one’s personality to the perfect style. Other accessories you might consider for gifts are belts, hair accessories, and jewelry.
Another category that yields great gift ideas is apparel. A popular gift item is sleepwear. Everything from pajama sets, boxers, and nightgowns to robes, and negligees. The range of possibilities means that you might consider this gift for anyone, from teenage and adult children to a more intimate relationship. You also might consider outerwear as an apparel gift item. A cashmere sweater or shawl, or fur wraps are elegant gift options. At the other end of the spectrum are t-shirts, and with brands like Southern Tide and Lauren James, your gift can be well loved and practical.
Trinkets are always a great place to find the perfect gift. This category is extensive and varied. You might find the traveler in your life a cosmetic case, or a set of note cards for the socialite. An elegant throw might be an excellent gift option for the friend who’s always entertaining in their home, or the gentleman in your life may need some beard oil. The opportunities among the trinkets are nearly endless.
Whatever your gift giving need, visit the ladies at Madeleine Page, classy footwear and accessories. These fashionable gifts and more are available and they will help you find the ideal gift for anyone on your list.


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Meredith is an associate buyer and the advertising department for Madeleine Page, classy footwear and accessories at Lake Oconee. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Georgia (‘04) and studied for two years in the Creative Circus Art Direction program.