Festival and Park safety

By Mary Greenwood

The fall season is here! School is back in session and numerous festivals are taking place. The weekends are travel time for most families. If you are headed to a festival or local attraction, I have a few safety tips.

Attending a festival is lots of fun but can also be challenging if attending with children. In this crazy world, you have to keep track of them at all times. A very important tip is not to have your child’s name on their shirt, as that makes it easy for someone to entice them. I’ve seen some parents use a cute backpack with a leash for toddlers to help keep the little ones in tow. Always note what your child is wearing during an outing. Like most family attractions, Funopolis has a “Code Adam” in place. Once someone is identified as missing, the following information is immediately communicated to staff: age, gender, color of hair, clothing, etc. The staff then can effectively look for the child. This information must be provided by the guardian. It is surprising how often a guardian does not remember what the child was wearing. At Funopolis, we have had great success with this type of program. As an additional reminder, with so many seniors living with dementia, it is also a good idea to have the same level of detail for older grandparents.

If you are with a teenager, this is more of a challenge. They don’t want to be seen with parents! Fortunately, technology can help us here. You can use their cell phone as a GPS and know where they are at all times. Setting up a meeting point every couple hours to check in is a great way make sure everyone is doing well.

The other safety tip is to follow the rules of the festival or venue. Usually the rules are developed by the ride manufacturer or state regulators to keep everyone safe. When we train our employees at Funopolis on safety operations for themselves and guests. The employees practice this by following procedures to ensure rides are running properly and that guests who want to ride meet the height requirements. Remember, the person at the gate did not make up the rules, but they are there to enforce them to protect your child’s safety. Be courteous, so everyone can have a great day.

Stay safe and come visit us this fall. Funopolis turns into Fearopolis which includes a Haunted House, Haunted Hayride, Non-Haunted Maze, and a Quick Escape room. Just down the road in the quaint town of Homer, they will be hosting a scarecrow contest. Come and vote for your favorite- we hope you pick the Funopolis scarecrow! Also they will have a Spooktacular Sprint 5k run on Oct. 22 at 6:30 at the Banks County Windmill Sports Complex. To say thank you to our guests, we will be providing a fantastic fireworks display on Saturday Oct 8.


Mary Greenwood is a co-owner with her husband, Brent, of Funopolis Family Fun Center. They opened the business in 2008 because they felt there was a need for a place that families could go to have fun and create memories.  Funopolis is located at Banks Crossing. For more information please go to our website www.FunopolisFamilyFunCenter.com  or call 706 335-FUNN.

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