Fragrance of LIFE


By Kent J. Wessinger

Make no mistake, fragrances of life flow from life! No food group, financial gain, extracurricular activity or success motivates like the adrenaline of life. Nothing brings peace like life. Life inspires, fulfills, aligns, creates and brings clarity. Life is the natural organic addiction. Life is firm footing, a cleansing agent, a comforter and a companion. Life is the real freedom and is the sole gift that eliminates the stench of distress.
Fragrances of life flow from decisions to give life. An example would be those who volunteer to elevate the lives of kids through extracurricular activities. Their selfless actions produce fragrances that fill their environment with aromas that represent life. The smell of hot dogs in the concession stand, new jerseys on opening day and fresh cut grass on the field represent those who are giving life through coaching. The scent of sweaty shoes and fresh cut roses at a recital represent those who made a conscious decision to give life through hours of instruction. Although fragrance cannot give life, death or distress, fragrance represents life, death or distress; which leads to the question, what fragrances are our actions producing?
No mold in the basement, soil in the yard or animals in the wild are allowed to choose which fragrance emanates from their being. However, their fragrance is a core characteristic of their identity. Their fragrance can be an invitation to approach or a warning of imminent danger. As a result, many living and non-living organisms can only be identified by their fragrance, which means they are forever bound to their fragrance no matter how it affects those in their presence.
Choosing which fragrances emanate from our lives is one of life’s greatest privileges. No matter what culture, continent or cubical we come from, we all reveal fragrances that flow from our movement. Our movement makes a statement about what we are. The fragrances that flow from our movement tell people who we are. Are we people who are looking to fill our lives with the fragrances of life, death or distress?
Having our lives abound with fragrances requires boundaries and management. Without boundaries and management, we are vulnerable to all sorts of unexpected actions and invasive guests that bring varied fragrances. As with the pervasive lablab bugs that gather in large numbers and rapidly consume the foliage from kudzu, their wretched fragrance is an ever-present nuisance that can overwhelm the fragrances of life throughout our personal environment. If no boundary is established and our personal environment is not managed, the stench will become the identity of our lives.
Everyday movement within our homes, communities, businesses, houses of worship and recreational facilities establish distinct fragrances. Nothing characterizes us like the fragrances produced through our actions, which means the actions that produce life, death and distressing fragrances are the most important daily decisions we make.
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