Get the glowing Results you want

By Kimberly Naugle Long

Swimsuit season is upon us and we all know how frustrating shopping for one can be. From pesky stretch marks to cellulite, those dressing room lights sure seem to highlight it all. Feeling overwhelmed? There is certainly more you can do to help fight those imperfections. Here at Georgia Center for Sight, we have a few ways to present a more svelte you this summer season. We offer high-end skincare products to help tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite, radiofrequency skin tightening/cellulite reduction that feels like a warm massage, and laser resurfacing to help with those stretch marks and scars. You have worked hard to prepare for swimsuit season with your exercise routine and healthy eating, now let us help fade those imperfections in your skin!

The options for topical products to help smooth, tighten, and perfect the skin can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Many products that are inexpensive have plenty of fillers with only trace amounts of the effective ingredients. Here at Georgia Center for Sight, we stock only the best quality, high-end products to help make the selection process easier. Using only the topical treatments to help smooth skin’s imperfections, is fairly effective but typically takes months to see any results. With summer season fast approaching, a stronger approach is recommended.

We offer two options for skin tightening and skin resurfacing. The introductory method is Pelleve, which is a radiofrequency treatment that gently warms the skin and causes the collagen to relink and tighten over several weeks. It can gently smooth cellulite on the back of legs and smooth loose skin on the tummy. Between three and six sessions are need to maintain the results, but since it feels like a massage, the visits are pleasant and quick. The treatments can easily fit into a lunch break.

The more advanced option is the non-ablative fractional laser. This treatment can actually help to resurface stretch marks as well as scars while tightening the skin. The laser works by treating with hundreds of pinpoint size laser spots to stimulate fresh new skin in the area. After several sessions the new skin replaces the scars or stretch marks. The improvements will continue for up to six months as the new skin grows and changes. This method requires topical numbing because of the heat sensation generated each spot. This helps to keep everyone more comfortable.

All of the methods are safe and very effective. I always recommend patients use good quality topical products starting three to four weeks after their sessions to help maintain results. Normal aging processes continue, and while we have turned back the hands of time, we have not stopped them. I have noticed a big difference in the quality and feel of the high-end products and feel it is definitely worth the investment. Be your best and look your best, you deserve it!


The eyes have head

After moving to Athens to attend UGA for Anthropolgy and Spanish, Kimberly fell in love with the area and found a job in the medical field with Georgia Center for Sight.   She loves working with patients and helping to educate and counsel them on how to best meet their needs.   Being able to speak Spanish has been a huge help for many of her patients.  Kimberly has been working as a Laser Technician in Aesthetics since 2009 and Certified Ophthalmic Assistant since 2005.