Good enough to eat

By Jeff Gulle and Jim Loring

Photography Instructors Jeff Gulle and Jim Loring, from North Georgia Technical College, bring their critical eye to this student image taken by Walter Sippel.

Jeff Gulle’s perspective:
Food photography always gets me going, but this photo really gets my attention. For those of you that know me, you know that I love food, especially seafood. This Salmon is cooked perfectly and lit in the same fashion. Notice the shadows falling towards you creating specular highlights on the food which, in turn, makes for a beautiful dynamic range. The harsh lighting shows off the ridges of the meat and the details. In addition, I love the triangular composition which keeps my eyes moving all over this beautiful dish.
The only thing that I dislike about this image is the tone of the lemon. It is too dark for my taste which makes you think that the lemon is over ripe.
Does that photo gets your appetite roaring? When it comes to your photography what gets you going? What is your salmon? For me it is traveling. It is the unknown. When I am traveling and do photography I do not know what will be around the corner. That suspense keeps me going and thinking about the photography that I am about to do. Find what drives you and feed it…

Jim Loring’s perspective:
What a great photo. Crisp, sharp and good enough to eat. But it is a combination of visual skill, lighting and a technical understanding of equipment that makes this a great shot.
Of course everyone with a phone is a photographer today and who does not like to photograph his/her plate of food, especially if it looks this good? The technology is such that exposure, color and focus, the most basic technical requirements, are taken care of. However, what we see on the screen may not look so good when in print, and it is not just a question of the number of pixels. For example, when we want a shot with shallow depth of field, a camera with a large sensor is required and there is still no substitute for the skills of a trained photographer with professional equipment to match.
It is a great time in the world of photography; there is an emerging generation of photographers who have begun with using their phones. They genuinely understand composition and love the images they create. This may be you and knowing there is still plenty of room for a trained professional who will open up a new world of possibility. The next step is getting the right training and at North Georgia Technical College we run an award-winning program designed to give you the skills to make it as a professional photographer. If this is your passion, come check us out, you too can learn the skills of a professional.


Jeff Gulle is a Certified Professional Photographer,
Photographic Craftsman and a Master Photographer. He is a two-time “Photographer of the Year” winner.

Jim Loring is a photojournalist, certified professional photographer and educator.  He has been widely
published, completing over 65 assignments worldwide.