Hair Removal Reinvented

By Dr. Ross Campbell

Every so often in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology, there comes a new device that is a “game changer.” A device that performs a procedure that was done “pretty well” by a previous device, but can do it faster, better, and more comfortably than anything available in the past. I knew we’d found just such a laser when after treating my wife she said, “You absolutely have to buy that laser! Anything else is unacceptable now.” Well… as in most things, she was right and we did just that; we have one of the first xHR lasers in the state of Georgia.

So what’s so different about this device?

Previously, most hair removal “lasers,” including our own, were IPL (intense pulse light) devices. The IPL worked (we had the newest most advanced machine available), but often took more treatments than most patients wanted to undergo and was more uncomfortable than anyone desired. The xHR is a true laser that uses two wavelengths to specifically destroy the hair follicle. It has a large “spot size” which means that it takes fewer pulses of the laser to treat the targeted area. This makes treating entire legs and backs much easier and quicker to treat, as well as the common bikini and axillae area. Having two lasers combined in one also allows us to treat all skin types, something we were not able to offer for darker toned skin using an IPL. The best part is that the xHR has a sapphire cooled tip that makes the treatment much, much more comfortable. The combination of quicker treatment, fewer treatments, and more comfortable treatments make it a game changer.

As with most skin treatments, where you choose to be treated makes a difference. It never ceases to amaze me at the number of times patients come in for cosmetic procedures such as hair removal or botox, and during their evaluation, a skin cancer is identified. It happened again just a few weeks ago when a small basal cell cancer was discovered on my patient’s eyelid when treating their “crow’s feet” with a small amount of Botox. It only makes sense to combine the treatments that make you look your very best with the medical expertise to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

“I have been a patient here multiple times within the last year, seeing Dr.Campbell, Dr.Thomas, and P.A. Jeff Moulton. Everyone I saw had wonderful recommendations and answers to problems I had been battling for years, from skin cancer issues to allergies, acne, and cosmetic needs. The space is beautiful and the nurses are all very friendly and remember me every time. I recommend this office to anyone who is looking for skilled dermatologists.” – Anonymous User



Dr. Ross Campbell is a board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon. He has offices in Athens, Lake Oconee, Madison, and Commerce, GA. Learn more at, or call 706.543.5858 to make an appointment.

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