Laser Your Tattoo Regret Goodbye

By Dr. Ram K. Reddy

Do you have a tattoo you regret getting? You’re not alone – 1 in 5 people regret having gotten a tattoo. In the past 4 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people seeking tattoo removal services.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of people seeking tattoo removal will only continue to rise. There are many different reasons behind the decision to remove a tattoo, with most citing employment reasons for wanting tattoo removal. Other reasons include becoming a parent and surprisingly, going through a mid-life crisis! The most highly represented groups seeking tattoo removal services include women and people between the ages of 35 and 50.
Fortunately, tattoo removal methods have evolved from potentially harmful treatments that often had painful and sometimes permanent side effects to less harmful methods with excellent results. Until the introduction of laser tattoo removal, people often resorted to tattoo removal methods such as acid treatments, surgical excision, and dermabrasion.
If you have a tattoo you want removed, look no further than Yuva Medical Spa in Athens, Georgia. We now offer laser tattoo removal using PicoSure, the first and only picosecond aesthetic laser approved by the FDA. Considered the most important tattoo removal advancement in recent history, PicoSure uses ultra-short laser pulses that strike the ink particle with such intense pressure that it breaks up the ink into tiny dust-like particles. Because these particles are so small, they are more easily absorbed and eliminated by the body. In other words, using PicoSure means that tattoos are more easily removed with fewer treatments in comparison to all other tattoo removal options available.
Before the introduction of PicoSure, laser tattoo removal was carried out through nanosecond technology, which relied on photothermal action. Heat delivered to the skin’s pigment and surrounding tissue would leave visible scars where the tattoo used to be. Instead of inked tribal markings, the person was left with reddened tribal markings similar to a burn. However, with PicoSure the targeted ink is shattered within the skin and removed naturally from the body, leaving no trace that a tattoo was ever there.
Because every tattoo is different and contains different colors as well as different volumes of ink, the number of treatments required will vary. For someone with a small, single colored tattoo, the number of treatments will be fewer. For someone with a larger, multi-colored tattoo, the number of treatments will be higher.
Our leading physician at Yuva Medical Spa, Dr. Ram K. Reddy, as well as our aestheticians have been thoroughly trained in using the PicoSure laser and provide the highest quality of service and care. Whatever your reason for wanting your tattoo removed, we can help. Let us help you “Live Healthier and Look Younger!”

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Dr. Ram K. Reddy, leading physician and Medical Director of Reddy and Associates, opened his first practice in 1984 in the small town of Franklin Springs, Georgia. Since then, he has opened 2 other primary care clinics, 5 urgent care centers, Yuva Medical Spa, and most recently, Reddy Pediatrics. Both Dr. Reddy’s entrepreneurial endeavors and compassion for others have enabled him to succeed in his goal of “helping people feel better when they need it the most.”

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