Louisiana Grills…The Best BBQ

By David Carter

“We bought the Louisiana Kamado Grill and were blown away!!! … L-O-V-E!!! … It was very easy to set up and takes a lot less time than we thought to heat the lump charcoal. We are using it daily and the food has been absolutely delicious no matter what we try. We would HIGHLY recommend this grill. You will be wondering why you didn’t buy it sooner!!!”
-Doreen Schaefer, Regina, SK
“You will have the best BBQ in town. With Louisiana Grills you will be smoking up a storm. Louisiana Grills – The world’s best pellet grill. They make the best tasting bbq and I ought to know… I’m famous Dave!”
—Famous Dave, Founder of Famous Dave’s BBQ
“We cook some of our BBQ categories on a Louisiana [Grill], and they helped us take 1st place in the BBQ category at the World Food Championships! Thank you Louisiana Grills, for making an awesome cooker.”
—Jeff Elser, Sweet Smoke Q

There is nothing like the sweet smell, taste, and flavor of BBQ. From pulled pork to brisket to my favorite, the burnt ends. These all come together to join friends and family and turn you into the hometown chef.  Louisiana Grills are known all over for their ability to turn any average home cook into a full fledged BBQ Pit Master.
To get everyone’s mouth watering for Southern Distinction’s next issue, take a look at these 5 tips, compliments of Louisiana Grills and Power Brick.
Grilled Cheese
Options are endless when crafting a grilled cheese. Take your sandwich up a notch by infusing natural smoke flavor. Simply coat the outsides of the bread with butter and toss it directly on the grill.
Salad Greens
Just a short time on the grill can add a rich, delicious smokey flavor to your salad greens. Its best to use full heads. For romaine lettuce, cut the heads in half, brush with oil, and place directly on the cooking grates just until the edges begin to brown.
Grilling fruits naturally pulls out sugars and caramelizes the edges into perfect additions for desserts, salads, and main dishes. Pineapple works miraculously with pork on kebabs; lemon slices and pineapple rounds create flavor and moisture infusing beds for fish; bananas, whether left inside the peel or not, make for ultimate sundaes. Get creative with watermelon, avocados, peaches, cherries, and even tomatoes.
Frozen Pizza
The secret ingredient to the best pizza is natural wood smoke—even in frozen pizza. Toss on your grill where there is indirect heat (anywhere on a wood pellet grill or on a ceramic charcoal barbecue with a heat deflector below) and grill at medium heat until the cheese is melted and the edges are crisp.
Fresh Herbs
Bring out the natural flavors of your herbs by lightly charring them over the grill before sprinkling them over your dish. Herbs, like rosemary, can also be used to make a basting brush, adding additional flavor to your favorite grilled meats.

We, at Power Brick proudly carry pellet grills. With pellet grills, you simply prepare the meat, load the hopper with the pellets, set the temperature and prepare to eat. The grill automatically does the rest. Turning out “Grill Master” meals every time will make you very popular during this grill season.
For more ideas on grilling, advice, expert knowledge and access to the best line of Louisiana Grills, come on by Power Brick.

Call (777-725-4200) or come in (2100 Monroe Hwy. Bogart, GA) today and let our trained staff help you build your dream!

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