Members and Friends It takes all kinds

By Gary H. Conley, Ret

Old Hudson Plantation has been in Neal Bush’s family since 1779. The property is approximately 1600 acres and contains rolling hills, flat land, creeks and an abundance of trees and fields. This plantation was originally land grants to soldiers in the American Revolutionary war. Neal is the fifth generation family member to live on the property.

The membership and contact list of Old Hudson Plantation crosses all age groups, professions and socio-economic levels. We have preachers, bankers, truckers, retirees, youngsters and yes, quite a few oldsters. There are business owners, employees, contractors and doctors. Each person brings his/her own special contribution of ideas and interests. We have folks that shoot sporting clays, others that are strictly skeet shooters and some that only shoot trap. Many of them shoot every venue that Old Hudson has to offer. Time and again these shooters offer suggestions as to how they would prefer targets to be set and presented. When practical, we try to accommodate all requests. There are two different clubs located on the plantation. While the deer hunting club has been there longer, the shooting club has more members.

Shooters come to Old Hudson for a variety of reasons. Some want to get lessons or buy guns, shells and clothing, while others want to shoot one of the venues on their own. Some show up with absolutely no idea of what they need, how to shoot or what the shooting disciplines are. Shooting lessons are requested by youth to seniors, male and female. We host company team building events, bachelor parties and many charity fundraisers. We have several youth teams that practice at Old Hudson. Two of these teams, Gatewood Academy and John Hancock Academy, won State Championships in their divisions during 2015. We have a fully stocked pro-shop with guns, ammo, clothing and accessories. We have NSCA certified instructors to give lessons and we have all the shooting venues necessary to provide the shooter with a safe fun filled satisfactory shooting experience.

Neal and Nancy Bush go to extremes to make sure that all Old Hudson guests enjoy being here. Some shoot on the property and others sit on the front porch of the pro-shop in one of the convenient rocking chairs. They will sit for hours swapping news and telling experiences from the past until the present. The stories are not always about shooting and if you listen, you may learn how Neal, Nancy, a local politician or farmer grew up in the area or some mischief that they got into. You can bet that this is fun and makes you want to come back.

Another group that helps Old Hudson run smoothly is several active volunteers. We have a member that keeps our website current, another that sends emails to update members and non-members about events and another that sets targets on the sporting clays course. In addition there are volunteers that assist with scoring during tournaments and coach the youth who shoot on the local teams. All of these volunteers add to the quality of your experience as you enjoy the activities at Old Hudson.

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Gary, a retired banker, is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys golf, hunting, fishing and most of the shotgun sports. He enjoys working with new shooters and is a Level I NSCA certified instructor.

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