Pastoral Elegance

By: Randy DuTeau

Appling, Georgia, has no shortage of scenic beauty. The rural community located in Columbia County provides plenty of eye candy, from panoramic views of Clarks Hill Lake and the Savannah River, to miles of pasture land along the winding country roads of the small, East Georgia community. Primarily known as the county seat of Columbia County, and for its numerous historical sites, Appling is also home to two stunning wedding venues, the Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm and Pine Knoll Farm. Both locations offer all of the amenities for a full-service wedding experience in gorgeous surroundings that perfectly capture Appling’s country charm.
The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm is a vision of pastoral enchantment. Friendly horses standing along the fence welcome guests as they approach the barn on the dirt driveway. Once on the property, there is no reason to leave until the last piece of wedding cake has been eaten and the band has stopped playing. The facility is all encompassing.
The bride-to-be will appreciate the convenience of preparing for the big occasion in “Alicia’s Cabin” just steps away from the barn chapel. The groom and groomsmen are not forgotten as there is also space for them featuring all the amenities and plenty of mirrors.
The open air barn chapel is a beautiful, rustic site for exchanging vows. Under the light of a unique wagon wheel chandelier, the setting is simply sublime.
Following the ceremony, the couple and their guests will enjoy the reception pavilion conveniently located adjacent to the chapel and Alicia’s Cabin. Strings of lights from the chapel to the pavilion provide a great atmospheric touch once the sun goes down. The pavilion is even equipped with heaters for occasions when there is a chill in the air.
Friendly horses, green pastures, and rustic elegant facilities delight all who join in the celebratory occasion. The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm: 5022 White Oak Rd, Appling, Georgia 30802. (706) 836.1369
Another outstanding, full-purpose destination and wedding venue in Appling is the stunning Pine Knoll Farms. Located off Washington Rd near historic Pollard’s Corner, this venue is simply sublime.
The open air chapel of the working cattle farm epitomizes bucolic elegance. With simple antique church pews facing verdant pastures, the setting is as simple as it is stunningly beautiful. The chapel is also equipped with outdoor pews with an excellent view of the wedding stage.
The Magnolia Barn is a perfect reception site. It is equipped with a bar, stage, and easy access to a prep area, parking, and restroom facilities. There is also nice outdoor porch, an outdoor fire pit ringed with porch swings, as well as a bocce court and large chess board.
The main working barn at Pine Knoll Farms is known as Sweetdaddy’s Barn. The building provides excellent facilities for the wedding party to prepare for the big moment. The barn is also equipped with a kitchen and prep area, as well as seating for a small rehearsal dinner.
The beauty and quality amenities of Pine Knoll Farms cannot be overstated. The picturesque setting along with grazing highland cattle, horses, and chickens make this a truly unique location to for a wedding celebration. Pine Knoll Farms is located at 6001 Washington Rd. Appling, GA 30802. For more information call Patty at (706) 836.1020 or email
Who knew such a small community could offer such unique venues? The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm and Pine Knoll Farms are located just 15 minutes from Columbia County’s best hotels and scenic attractions. A wedding is a significant moment in a couple’s life. There’s no reason not to make the event a memorable occasion for all and Columbia County has the perfect venues.



Randy DuTeau is Executive Director of the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau. He and his wife have two beautiful children. He is an avid cyclist and passionate about promoting Columbia County.