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By Mickey Wakenigg

Good news, gardeners. The Stone Store is now under new ownership, one that has quite the resume in hardscapes, landscapes, and agriculture. This one-stop-shop is now owned by Mickey Wakenigg, and he’s been in the landscape supply and agricultural business for over thirty years. The Stone Store is home to rocks, sand, soil, mulches, and pavers, and has a ton of variety for any hardscape. Their mission is to be the leading provider of bulk aggregates, stone products and installed hardscapes, by utilizing the best people, the best partners, and unsurpassed performance. They will continue to provide the highest level of customer service and solutions in the market place.

The Stone Store specializes in planting soils and gardening mixes. One of their customers is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, as they’ve been using their products for over 25 years! They have a highly knowledgeable staff that can point you in the right direction and help you with your personal projects, big and small. They will help discuss which mulch needs are best for your garden, especially if you are looking to cut down on weeds and keep water retention during the sweltering summer months in Georgia. Your topsoil might need some nutrient assistance too, which is pertinent for a healthy garden! The Stone Store’s staff will help determine what your soil is lacking, as well as what it may be in excess of. You might have too much clay, too much silt/sand, or not enough minerals or organic material. After the assessment, they will help you choose the right amendments to make sure your topsoil is in peak condition.

Alongside their copious amount and variety of products and soils, they’ve begun to carry Belgard pavers. They’re available in multiple types and colors: brick, concrete, stone, and more. They can add just the right amount of individual personality and charm to any walkway, pool area, or patio. Belgard pavers are strong, durable, timeless, and are environmentally friendly. Permeable pavers are for the earth-conscious home owner. This higher-end paver allows rainwater to be redirected to avoid erosion, as it seeps into the ground or nearest storm drain. The system can even be used to harvest water for gardening, or washing your car! The benefits it provides to a homeowner include standing water reduction, less water demand, and a much longer-lasting walkway than one with conventional pavers. They also benefit a community by water filtering, maintaining river base flows, and reducing the “heat island” effect that normally occurs with reflective pavers. There are several permeable pavers to choose from, so the balance of aesthetics and eco-friendly practicality go unquestioned and unmatched.

Belgard also offers gorgeous options for patios, fire pits, and pool areas. Imagine a crackling fire in a stone fireplace or the relaxing sound of a gentle waterfall as you lounge in your patio chair. For summer pool fun and safety, porcelain pavers come in several colors and styles, and are the best option for outdoor areas. They are skid resistant, frost resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Retaining wall stones are available from Belgard, and together all of these elements can create a phenomenal outdoor leisure environment for you and your family. The Stone Store can offer all of these materials and ideas for your new home improvement.

The Stone Store is no stranger to any outdoor project, even infield mixes on baseball fields! Feel free to stop by and talk to Mickey himself about any questions you have about your yard or patio, as they provide a no cost, no obligation consultation.


Mickey Wakenigg

Mickey Wakenigg is the new owner of The Stone Store. He went to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College for agriculture and forestry and immediately started work in the landscaping industry. Mickey formerly worked for Green Acre Supplies and Georgia Ground Cover, and has been in the industry for 30 years.

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