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Tony Powell of Powell Home Builders, Inc. believes a true custom home should show and express the personality and lifestyle of its owners. It should be integrated with the interior and exterior spaces with the land and landscape that surrounds it. It all starts with an overall vision and good design. Tony believes in listening to clients in order to design and incorporate their dreams and desires in the building process.

Tony and his team dedicate themselves to understanding our clients and has a personalized approach to the design and build process. They understand that issues will arise and need to be addressed in order to get a project started and/or keep it progressing smoothly. They ask the hard questions first and guide their clients through the entire process.

The biggest challenge in the custom home industry is how the construction team interprets the architect’s design. A client can be in love with a plan and their selections, only to be disappointed in the final outcome. This is what should set the builder apart from the rest.

Powell Home Builders works directly with the owners, subcontractors, and suppliers to create the customized home of their dreams. Tony assures clients by spending quality time with them to discuss an architect’s design, interior and exterior details, and the estimated cost so that it fits within their budget. Once Tony gets an idea of the client’s wants and needs, and the use of the property, he starts working on a master plan so the client can visually see the layout and how different components relate to each other. This is achieved through photos of past projects, elevations drawn by draftsmen and photos from popular websites. Most people are visual, so it’s Tony’s job to show them examples of how details and layout will look during the planning stage.

Due to Tony’s background in design, he is able to see the big picture before the start of the construction process. For him, having the ability to see in a third dimension on paper during the design process enables him to paint a picture for clients to better understand how things will look, and in turn, avoid disappointments.

Once plans are finalized and the client is comfortable with the budget numbers, actual costs are shown, line item by line item, and broken down by trade, so they know with complete confidence where every dollar is going. As construction starts, Tony and his team will schedule periodic meetings with the client to review interior and exterior details, make selections, and get updated schedules on the construction process. Tony insists on having open and consistent communication, which is the most important factor for a smooth running, stress-free experience.

Powell Home Builders’ goal in building a client’s home is to provide professional support with tough design decisions and to make the experience exciting and rewarding. A client’s on-site involvement is welcomed and encouraged throughout the construction of their home. Homeowners should have input and enjoy every step of the process to make sure their vision comes to life.

With the majority of the homes built by Powell Home Builders today being larger scale estate homes on acreage or on large lot subdivision tracts, they are accustomed to handling all aspects of the project turn-key. From a master plan of the entire acreage, they can design and draw out the the project from the beginning and decide if the budget will allow a total build out or need to be built in phases. Tony and his team will handle all clearing, grading, pond/lake design and construction, barn and fence construction, and pool layout and installation. All of these projects can be going on while they are constructing the home to save the client money, avoid doing something twice, and avoid a prolonged construction period on site.

Powell Home Builders, Inc. was founded in 1998. Tony Powell, President of the company, is a licensed and registered Builder and Landscape Architect in the state of Georgia. He received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia. After practicing in an Architecture/Engineering firm for four years, he started devoting his time to building custom homes for families in the Lake Oconee area along with Athens/Clarke and Oconee Counties. Powell Home Builders, Inc. has built projects ranging from $150,000 on a quarter acre lot to $5,000,000 on 800 acres. Much of their effort today is focused on custom estate homes and mini-farms in Oconee County and surrounding counties. Powell Home Builders is a member of both the National Home Builders Association and the Athens Area Home Builders Association.

Tony and his wife, Kelli, have been married for twenty years. They have two daughters, Ali (14) and Leah (9). He has the pleasure of taking them to school in the mornings and it is a special time for him. After he drops him off, he’s off to work, where he might spend his day tackling three or four projects. Whether it’s meeting with the client, subcontractor or supplier, or just being on site for visual inspections, he prefers to be available and hands on so that he can maintain a schedule for the entire construction project. After visiting all jobs during the day, Tony ends his day at the office in order to return emails or phone calls. By doing so, it allows him to enjoy time with his wife and their girls in the evenings.

Tony claims he would not be where he is in life without the support of his family, his faith, and being surrounded by many incredible people. Without them, he would be lost. The business has been a special part of his and his family’s lives, and other families for the last 18 years. He tells his clients he manages and guides all the subcontractors Powell Home Builders has but they are the ones that make the team shine. Without their suppliers, subcontractors and designers, they would not be able to do what they do, or be specialists in their field.

Powell Home Builders have several homes scheduled to start this year and next year for clients in Oconee and surrounding counties. The homes are for families that wish to build on estate lots and acreage. Each one is unique in its architectural style and detail.

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