Prepping Your Yard for Spring

By Mickey Wakenigg

Typically, warmer weather brings about the desire to get outdoors and work in the garden. Most of us will begin our yard work in the early spring months, however, in reality it is best not to wait all the way until the springtime begins. The time to start is actually in the winter months. The early winter months prove to be the perfect time to dress up your landscaping. Getting a head start on your spring time backyard projects will ensure you and your family will be enjoying your time outside all spring and summer long.

To kick off your garden and landscaping projects, you will likely need to begin with a clean up. The winter elements can cause some damage to your trees and plants, and clearing it out of the way is essential. Start with clearing all of your garden beds and lawn of broken branches, leaves, and other debris that have collected over the winter months from rain, wind, or even ice and snow. The same cleanup method applies for your trees and bushes. To make sure your trees will flourish in the springtime, trim off any broken or dead branches. Don’t forget to also clear out your drainage ditches. Leaves and debris gather in drainage areas over the winter; take this time to ensure that the spring rains will have adequate runoff.

Mulching is one of the most important ways to protect and maintain healthy landscaped plants, shrubs and flowers. Mulch is a valuable material for your trees’ health and care because it insulates the soil, providing a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. Mulch retains water, helping to keep the roots moist, and it keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition.This is one of the most crucial steps in preparing and maintaining your trees and garden, and will pay off in a big way when spring and summer arrive. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, a top customer of The Stone Store, utilizes the same method in keeping their greenery healthy and vivacious. One trick they use to keep their greenery at its healthiest is topdressing two inches of organic compost, supplied by The Stone Store, on top of their gardens, trees, and shrubs. This tactic results in healthier, more colorful, and more drought resistance plants in the summertime.

Now that your yard is prepped, you can begin to think about your landscaping projects. Ultimately, you want to create the backyard of your dreams, which is possible with the right planning, the right resources, and some expert advice. Decide on how you want your yard to look and function, and go from there. You may desire to host the best neighborhood barbecue, or spend your summer nights stargazing and roasting marshmallows with the kids. Enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends, surrounded by the beauty of an outdoor kitchen, firepit or fireplace.

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a grill. Having a stylish outdoor kitchen will allow you to entertain your family and friends with all the conveniences of an indoor kitchen in an outdoor setting. Choosing the right grill and accessories for your perfect backyard entertainment center is important. The Stone Store’s affiliates (Blaze Grills, Twin Eagles Grills, and TEC Grills, and more) offer the best selection of premium products. With these options available, you are sure to select a high quality product that you would be proud to showcase in your backyard.

The Stone Store has been serving the Athens area for over 20 years, but we also serve the entire Southeastern United States, and will deliver directly to you . We strive to provide the best selection of natural stone products as well as landscaping materials by quality manufacturers that you can trust. From Brown Tan Flagstone to Oklahoma Blue Slab, The Stone Store carries all the materials you will need for your landscaping dreams.

The team will work with you, whether you are a residential homeowner, a professional contractor, or a landscaper to help you determine the right materials and amounts needed for any of your projects, large or small. Additionally, we are able to special order any item that we do not stock, making it your one stop shop for your pre-spring landscaping projects. So don’t wait until spring is officially here. Go ahead and get started on making your dream backyard a reality. Call (706) 769-0634 or stop by The Stone Store today for all of your landscaping needs. Let us be your partner in outdoor living!