Pure Barre Platform: The Perfect Cardio Complement to Pure Barre

By Connie Popwell

“What did I just do?” I remember my first Pure Barre class. The teacher was friendly, the environment was energetic, and I flailed around confusedly as I was instructed to tuckhold, pulselift, squeeze in, and bendstretch. I walked out of the studio after my 55-minute show of awkwardness not knowing exactly what I had worked, but by acknowledging the shakiness of every muscle in my body, I knew I had worked something. I would be back. Flash forward 5 years– the proud owner of 2 Pure Barre locations and a stickler for proper technique. I walked out of my first Pure Barre Platform class once again begging a strikingly similar question: “What did I just do?”
After over 16 months in the making, Pure Barre’s new cardio class, affectionately known as “Platform,” has hit the Athens market and kicked things up a notch– literally. Pure Barre Platform is a fast-paced, heart-pumping class designed to optimize cardiovascular results and increase total body strength and mobility. Unlike its isometric and more graceful counterpart, Platform combines quick bursts of high intensity, yet low impact cardio with periods of lower intensity muscle-sculpting movements. Incorporating this high energy, fun, and edgy interval training class at Pure Barre studios has helped to torch more calories, jumpstart metabolisms, and increase overall endurance across the board. It is the perfect cardio complement to Pure Barre and has already proven to help clients achieve even greater results, while still holding onto the traditional elements of Pure Barre that initially brought the concept to the lead in the barre fitness industry.
The general format of Platform is the same as Pure Barre, but the moves within the format are different. Each section strives to have bigger movements, quicker paces, and varying heart rates. With the strong foundation of Pure Barre, Platform recruits bigger muscle groups to increase calorie burn. According to Shalisa Pouw, fellow studio owner and Senior Master Trainer, “The combination of Pure Barre and Platform gives you everything you need. Physically, the mixture of the toning you get in Pure Barre and the extra calorie-burning burst you get in Platform provide amazing results. Mentally, both classes give you those 55-minutes where you can let go of anything outside the studio doors and give yourself that much needed ‘you time.’ Pure Barre and Platform push you to work past your limits and create a stronger you– physically and mentally.” Sign me up.
While Platform is still new, and I am still not 100 percent sure whether or not it looks like I am twerking when I take class, I love the extra sweaty new addition to my weekly routine. Like a traditional Pure Barre class, I cannot think of anything except for what I’m doing at that moment. My mind turns off to the outside world. Platform challenges my muscles, lungs, brain– everything! I didn’t think anything could change my body the way Pure Barre has but the combination of the two classes has been a welcomed shock to my system and keeps my metabolism burning during and after class.
With Pure Barre Platform added into the mix, the results have been remarkable, and these days I find myself asking a new question: “How did we ever live without it?”

Connie (Pure Barr)

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Connie graduated from UGA’s Terry College of Business. She moved to Atlanta, where she was introduced to Pure Barre. After experiencing the technique for herself, Connie was hooked. As the owner of the Athens and brand new Tallahassee (I added this small section to your bio) studio, she loves empowering others to be their best! Visit www.purebarre.com for more information on “the workout that is sweeping the nation.”