Ravioli di Salsiccia, Mele e salvia Homemade Ravioli stuffed with Italian Mild Pork Sausage, Apple and Sage

By Chef Alessandro Di Maggio

Ravioli are commonly referred to as the Kings of Pasta. The history of Ravioli goes back to roughly the 14th century where, as legend has it, sailors would wrap their left overs using thin sheets of dough just to break the monotony of eating the same meal each day, sometimes for months at sea. Can you imagine eating the same meal every single dish? That is enough to make anyone not look forward to a good meal with good friends and family. Both Cremona and Genoa claim to be the birthplace of Ravioli but it is Genoa that can trace the etymology of the word for “pasta” to their word “rabiole” meaning “Something of Little Value.”
This recipe is certainly one of our favorites among chefs and patrons alike:

1 Italian Mild sausage
1 Shallot (diced fine), 1 Egg
2 Granny smith apples, peeled and diced fine
1 cup ricotta cheese, 1 sage

  1. Add butter to a medium size sauce pan and add the sausage, brown on medium heat. Remove and drain on a paper towel. Keep a little of the drippings from the sausage (just enough to cook the shallot in) and add the shallot and cook for a minute or two. Then add the apple, cranberries, salt and pepper, and sage. Just enough until the apple and pear are soft. Remove and let cool.
  2. Add the sausage mixture to the fruit, 1 egg, and the ricotta cheese. Your filling is done.

Ravioli Dough:
1 lb. all Purpose Flour
4 whole eggs, plus 1 yolk
2 tablespoon of water
Kosher salt

  1. Put the flour on a clean dry work surface.
  2. Make a hole in the center of the flour. Crack all of the eggs and the yolk into the hole and add the olive oil, salt and water.Using a fork beat the eggs together with the olive oil, water and salt. Using the fork, begin to incorporate the flour into the egg mixture; Begin to use your hands to really get everything well combined, the dough should look smooth.

3 oz. Pancetta or Bacon
3 oz. Butter
¼ cup Sage Thin Julienne

  1. In a Pan brown the Pancetta with a little oil till it gets crispy. Discard the cooking oil and let it cool down a little. Add the sage and Butter and let it cook just lightly till it gets golden and not burnt.
  2. Cook the Ravioli in Boiling salty water. Put the Ravioli on a nice plate with the Brown Butter sage sauce on top.