Redecorating? Here’s a word to the wise!

By Cassy Young, 201 recipient of the International “Dream Room Award”

Decorating a room is like any other complex project. It’s best to start with a plan and take it one step at a time. To establish your plan, make a list of what you want to accomplish in the space, along with a list of what you like and don’t like about the function and look of your room(s). It is important to spend the time on this step to avoid costly mistakes during the process. Decide what items you will keep and what will be replaced or refurbished. Take a careful look at your walls and floor. Then discuss your priorities with your designer. If the walls look dingy and the carpet is worn, putting a new sofa in the room will only make the room look shabbier.

While formulating the plan, establish your budget. The tighter your budget, the more important it is to stick to your plan. A professional interior decorator can help you determine your budget by providing you with price ranges. It is critical to have honest discussions with your decorator about budget. They will help you allocate your decorating dollars wisely; spending more where it counts and economizing where it doesn’t.
Next, discuss your color preferences with you decorator.

Confused about selecting your color scheme? Take a look around your home. Many times, decorators have designed whole rooms around a client’s favorite china pattern, or floral arrangement; or perhaps even an area rug. Finding the right color scheme is vitally important to your overall project. And with today’s open floor plans, color planning is critical to not just one room, but all the rooms in your home. Save photos that you like from magazines or online to share with your designer. A color theme or preference will be easy to identify from these images.

Once you’ve locked in your color scheme, it’s time to discuss your overall floor plan with your chosen design professional. Consider the scale and placement of furniture, and the balance of color and pattern in your room. Remember that patterns or shapes should be repeated and an accent color should be carefully placed around the room. Accent colors are vital to creating visual movement in any room décor!

When your basic decorating plan has been established, it’s now time to consider the importance of window treatments. Window treatments can truly be the focal point of any room – and by carefully planning just the right design, the end result promises to be absolutely spectacular. In addition, shades or shutters are important in controlling light for energy efficiency and preservation of your furniture and rugs.

Next, consider the proper lighting for the mood you’ve created in your new room – and let’s not forget those very important accessories. Accessories can be likened to a wonderfully delicious dessert after a fabulous meal. They add spark and personality to your finished room – an excellent way for you to express your lifestyle.

Fulfilling all your decorating dreams and desires at one time might not be possible. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but in the meantime you can live comfortably and happily in a beautiful room if you plan wisely. A professional decorator can be invaluable when it comes to helping you make your fondest decorating dreams reality!