Security in the Face of Death

By Greg Reeves

Security boxes have always provided a sense of security for those seeking a space to safeguard valuable possessions. However, these boxes can sometimes do their job a little too well and leave family members scrambling to crack its code upon the death of its owner.

Usually the head of the household will hide the box, along with its hidden contents, in the house and fail to tell another soul about its location (or even its existence) for the sake of added security. When writing out a will and testament, sometimes security box stewards fail to allocate their storage box and the inside belongings in an attempt to increase security. Or perhaps they simply forget to write it into the will.
Are you a security box owner or interested in purchasing a box? If so, would you like to know that all the contents in the home and safety deposit box has been accounted for well in advance of death?

We can often forget that once we leave this earth, we must leave every single one of our valuable belongings behind. All of our books, our keepsakes, our mementos—from our Rolex watches to our grandfather’s expensive rare coin collection. Nothing we hold onto can be taken with us, which is why we must take the time to decide who we would like to give our things to.

Of course everybody wants peace and unity, but unfortunately families get in disarray and lose their relationships they have built for decades over one single item. We take great pride and care into helping you allocate your belongings before you die so you can rest assured that your family will remain intact after you pass.

Our system identifies each and every content labeled by category or room that it currently sits and places a price on each item.
Our system handles distribution of each item placing the item chosen in column of every beneficiary so there is NO DISPUTE.
All items that are not chosen we log into our program and sell the items and distribute the money as called for to the estate or the beneficiaries.

We distribute based on the percentage of the beneficiary interest in the estate or will.

We strongly recommend that we do this prior to death. We photograph each picture and place a price and build a book for each beneficiary as well as the owner of the contents. We also furnish a book for the family attorney, executor and trustee.
ALL the information is documented and also put on a disk and thumb drive.

Please contact us at Transition America if you are interested in working with our team to keep track of your valuables and security box belongings. Families are faced with much responsibility and confusion over personal possessions in the midst of dealing with their own personal grief and emotional turmoil. With just a simple phone call, you can take a first step in alleviating much needless suffering in your family’s future.
Transition America is committed to helping families simplify stressful aspects of life—including death.

If you take the time to prepare in advance, you can provide your family with clarity and guide them into a life of peace after your passing. You will also rest in peace, knowing each of your treasured belongings are in the hands of the ones you chose.