Sidewalks Make Good Neighbors

By Tom Valdes

With classic homes of Southern charm, The Georgia Club offers a life like no other. There’s plenty to do and lots to see in a place where neighbors are like family, the golf course is always open, and the chef is world-famous.
Residents of The Georgia Club enjoy all of this and the freedom to take full advantage of the beautiful paths and walkways that the neighborhoods have to offer, especially now as the weather starts to cool. Children and parents need to hardly worry about traffic. Kids can walk to their grandparents’ house and the spacious sidewalks are pedestrian friendly. The simple idea of “neighborliness” long ago became part of the vision when planning The Georgia Club.

The designs of streetscapes in today’s world reflect a commitment to building communities the way they once were: walkable, where friends and neighbors can mingle and enjoy public space. Imagine a place where neighbors are like family, and a stroll to the nearby Dawg Park means a whole lot more than just a walk. Whether you’re taking a nighttime stroll or stopping by your neighbor’s for a quick chat before lunch, the streets are built to disperse traffic and ease walking, mixing wide boulevards with pedestrian walkways and narrow side streets.

At The Georgia Club, sidewalks reflect this commitment to a livable and social community as well. Rather than being an afterthought in a car-dominated neighborhood, sidewalks are twice the normal size; designed to be a place where family and friends can walk side by side. While more developments are built around cars, The Georgia Club is built to human scale, to be a place of its own, rather than a place where your home happens to be.

The Georgia Club’s newest neighborhood, Bent Pine, even incorporates a central green space perfect for gatherings with family and friends. It is a rare night that there is not something going on, a party, or an event at the club. One of the best things about living at The Georgia Club is that you can do as much or as little as you want. The Georgia Club is all about making everything a little bit easier for residents, because a community is only as strong as the people living in it.

Attention to detail, no matter how seemingly unimportant, has been a powerful guiding principle in the creation of The Georgia Club’s community. Broad sidewalks bounded by grass and shaded by live hardwoods encourage strolling rather than haste. The mix of generations who live here has always been a powerful determining factor in the design and ultimate appearance of this lovingly designed community. Residents meet in many places around the neighborhood for gatherings and sit on benches to enjoy a book, open to the possibility that a neighbor might pass by and stop for a chat. Sidewalk strolls become part of the daily routine and residents will often sit on their front porches interacting with neighbors who are passing by.

The homes at The Georgia Club are surrounded by an unparalleled walkable lifestyle. But be warned, you may be tempted to stop, chat, and enjoy a sweet tea with friends during your walk, so carve out some extra time.
Visit The Georgia Club today and take a walk through their three designer-decorated models. Take a stroll and enjoy the day while you’re there to see what life is really like – there’s plenty to do and lots to appreciate. Our address is 1050 Chancellors Drive, Statham, GA 30666 and our number is 770.725.4700.