Something Blue

By Megan Dial

Nothing says “southern”, “classic”, and “refined” quite like blue and white porcelain. Whether incorporating this timeless pattern through traditional china or a pair of lamps, the blue and white combination commands attention in any room. Today’s decorating trends encourage loud color, eclectic pieces, and a mixture of patterns setting the perfect stage for marrying old-world and new accessories.

My grandmother was the picturesque southern lady who kept the most pristinely decorated home in the neighborhood. Her choice of décor was as traditional as she was, and her home consisted primarily of various blue and white porcelain pieces. While such style was once primarily enjoyed by those sticking to a more traditional look, today’s transitional decorating trend of “anything goes” lends a helping hand to those looking to mix new and old.

One of the most common questions I get from customers admiring the various blue and white pieces in Revolution is, “How do I use this in my home?”

While such pieces remain some of my favorite in the store, this question will always be my favorite to answer. The commanding attention of blue and white porcelain leaves other accessories, furniture, and art begging to complement whichever piece may grace a room. If your home lends to a more eclectic, colorful style, blue and white porcelain heightens the excitement of any bold colored accessory or wall art. Blue and white porcelain pairs flawlessly with bold pinks, yellows, and purples. For homes with a coastal feel, such porcelain dresses up the colors of coral, soft teal, and seafoam green, while simultaneously softening even the most rustic of décors—giving a neutral pallet the pop of color necessary.

The number one rule when shopping for such pieces is simple: only buy the piece that speaks to you. Blue and white porcelain should serve as the accent to your décor; your décor should have a personality all its own.

Years ago blue and white patterns were reserved for fine china. Today that is no longer the case, since lamps, urns, picture frames, vases, canisters, and jewelry dishes are commonly seen among the best décor. Blue and white lamps compliment any master setting—their grandness cannot be matched by any other bedside selection.

If you are unsure of incorporating such traditional pieces into your current décor, start small. For example, a simple blue and white picture frame can make the perfect bridal or housewarming gift because it draws the eye to whichever furniture piece where it sits.

Accessorize your home fearlessly! Do not be afraid to mix new with old, traditional with eclectic, and pops of color throughout. Allow any piece of blue and white porcelain to lend a hand as you create a timeless look for any space within your home.