Andie Freeman Photography | Georgia Editorial Photographer

By Johnny McCutcheon

As I write this column, we are in the process of finishing up our The Art of Tailor-Made photo shoot for this edition and I would be remiss not to thank and acknowledge the artists and venues that gave the shoots their polished professional quality and feel. Each location made us feel welcomed and I hope we were able to show the uniqueness and character of each wonderful location. I also want to thank all of my guys that wear their JMac’s Clothing so well. I appreciate the time you gave to this project, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
One of my main goals was to show you, as readers of the magazine, all types of options when it comes to your style and image as it pertains to your lifestyle. As you flip through the fashion spread, what do you notice?
Here is a little of what we see:

Changing up classic suit staples with new hues in classic colors keeps your wardrobe up to date.

In the group shot at The Georgia Club (previous pages) we feature suits in solid grays and blues, stripes, and plaid to show off the versatility of a well-made, well-fitted garment. In this shoot, Joel wears a traditional navy suit with a white shirt and plaid tie, whereas, Dana is wearing a lighter blue suit with a striped shirt and pink bowtie for a more relaxed professional look. We also showcase the same scenario in gray with Chris and Derron both showing a more formal look in charcoal and a more relaxed look in lighter shade of gray. Both of these examples would fall under your “go to suit” that we discussed in the June issue. Finally, Derron shows one of my favorite looks in his light blue adventurous suit in the Stegeman Coliseum shoot (page 123). All of these are a great way to show your personality and make your statement.

Pattern as a way to add style and change up your look.

Outside of solid colors, we feature a few pinstriped looks, a classic and well-stated suiting option that lends itself to trendy accessory choices but can also serve as a power suit when paired with a bold tie and pocket square. At Old Hudson Plantation (pages 118-120) and Foley Field (pages 123-126). Brian and Johnny both wear pinstripes. Brian’s pinstripe suit in light gray and Johnny’s blue stripes in a lighter hue both nod to traditional style while stepping their looks up with personality. And while Roy may be standing on the gorgeous greens of the Georgia Club’s golf course where we’d all enjoy playing, his plaid power suit makes the statement that he is all business.

The Details Matter.

Take a look at The Georgia Club group picture and Sanford Stadium (pages 124-125) to gain some inspiration for a fresh look that will separate you from the competition.
The right sport coat can make the statement that you care about the details, no matter the situation.
A three piece suit offers options with or without the jacket and/or the tie.
A nice shirt can be the foundation to the look that you want for any occasion. Whether it’s the color and texture, the pattern, or the style, choosing the right shirt makes all of the difference.
No look is complete until the final details are in place. Your tie, pocket square, shoes, and socks all let everyone know that you care and that details matter. Freshen up your accessories with different styles and colors like the ones featured here in this issue. If you take a look at the magnificent shoot at The Currahee Club (pages 110 – 117) then you will see exactly what I am talking about.
All of the guys you see in the photo shoot are stand-outs in their respective fields. From academia, business, and sales, they are the whole package: well-suited confident men who differentiate themselves by paying attention to the details and finding success in their personal and professional lives. I am glad that you had the opportunity to meet them and catch a snapshot of what we can do for you through the JMac’s Clothiers experience. As Regina Brett stated, “No matter how you fell, get up, dress up, and never give up.”

Andie Freeman Photography | Georgia Editorial Photographer

Andie Freeman Photography | Georgia Editorial Photographer

Johnny McCutcheon is the owner of JMac’s Clothiers, a men’s concierge clothing company. He has been an Athens/Oconee area resident for over 12 years. He is a graduate of Presbyterian College, and has enjoyed careers in both education and insurance. Visit to learn more about the JMac’s experience.


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