The Rebirth/Renaissance of Men’s Attire

It is interesting to think back over the last three and a half years since I began JMac’s Clothiers and to see the changes that have occurred in men’s fashion. When I started the business there was still a sense of business casual floating throughout the work environment with the focus leaning toward the “casual” side of it. Today I am excited to see the sort of Renaissance that is happening among my clients as they are rediscovering the art of “how a man should dress.” Men are doing everything they can to bring back style to their wardrobe. More guys are wearing three-piece suits to step up their look and present themselves as well put-together for work and after work events. Pairing slacks or jeans with the waistcoat (vest) on a business casual day also makes a distinct statement. A greater emphasis is being placed on the importance of the finer detail pieces such as ties, shoes, socks, and pocket squares. Quality and fit, rather than price and convenience, have become much more important in making wardrobe decisions. Finally, pops of color and detail in the construction of their clothing helps the distinguished dressed man stand out among coworkers and peers.

Recently, I had a business banker who makes hiring decisions confess, “people that dress bad or sloppy really stand out.” My response to her was that there is a renewed emphasis on presenting oneself well…a reawakened mindset that was forgotten when the business casual movement began and allowed for dressing in jeans or more casual options (whether it was intended to or not). While that culture is still present, highly beneficial and flexible, there is also the renewed awareness that people see us first. Predeterminations are made by the way we present ourselves through wardrobe, hygiene, and outward appearances before we ever utter a word or shake a hand. The idea of giving the best first impression we can has resurfaced as favorable.

As a guy who has always believed in dressing my best and who enjoys fashion, it is cool to flip the channels of the TV or the pages of a magazine and see how men are really focusing on making their statement through their wardrobes. So as you go out and start creating or completing yours, be assured that it is not only okay, but it is on trend to rediscover the art of dressing well and wanting to be noticed for all the right reasons.