The Sweet Spot

By Tommy Jennings


You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. It’s more relevant than baseball fans chanting, “Hey battabattabatta, SA-WING batta.” It’s a realtor’s mantra and a retailer’s best friend. It’s one of the key points to business success. It’s the Garden of Eden. It’s that beautiful and perfect “L” word.
Location. Say it again – Location. One more time – Location. You’ve got the hang of it.
Businesses everywhere look for that market in which they can succeed. Find it, and everyone goes home happy. Find the wrong spot, and everyone goes home at night shaking their heads, wondering what they will do next. Find the right location, and the market will find you. Find the wrong location, and the market will desert you.
Location has been in high demand recently. But then again, location is always in demand. Imagine a great location that has neighbors with broken glass everywhere. Imagine a great location with neighbors hosting unsavory characters at all hours of the day and night (not that unsavory connotes anything in today’s “don’t offend me” era).
Now imagine a great location with neighbors that have attractive storefronts and friendly people. Folks would like to be there. Folks like to be here – between Athens and Atlanta.
During the mid 2000s, Barrow county was documented as one of the Top 20 fastest growing counties in the US. The migration to the South, and more specifically, to the Metro Atlanta area brought new faces. The migration brought new accents. The migration brought new thinking. And now, with the rebounding economy, our location is an asset.
People see the area between Athens and Atlanta as a great spot to raise a family. They see it as a great spot to build a new home. And they see it as a great spot to start a business.
The Sweet Spot between Atlanta and Athens is developing its own positive energy. With access to Interstate 85, drivers can freebird it with the top down. 316 brings competition with UGA students as they blithely careen hither and yon, driving a little too fast, looking a little too young, and smiling a little too big (or, maybe that’s just the way I see them now!). And I suppose there are still granny and grandpa slow poking their way on the byways on Sunday afternoon.
With Athens to the east, within 25 minutes from the center of Winder, and within 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, anywhere in Barrow County is a great place to plant roots. Barrow County boasts lower prices for houses and a growing and improving school system that is breaking out of the past with top-notch SAT scores and above average graduation rates. Barrow County is known as The Sweet Spot. Location, location, location.
It is easy to get anywhere because Lake Lanier is just 20 minutes away and Fort Yargo State Park is only 2 minutes away. Leisure is more than just a dream because The Blue Ridge Mountains are just 2 hours away and the Atlantic Ocean is within 4 hours away. Finally, access to everything is waiting because the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is within an hour’s drive.
Easy access. Easy connections. Easy does it. It all adds up to The Sweet Spot. Barrow County connects with everything perfectly and sends the ball out of the ballpark with an easy swing.
Location, location, location.

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