The useful painter

By Noah Desmond

The Valley Below

The advantage of being a fulltime artist is I get to think about painting every hour of everyday. And I do! I think about painting when I wake up and especially when I am working. When I take my much needed walks and admire the beauty of the landscape, colors and shapes dance in my mind. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine a future painting coming to life because of what I see. I know this may seem crazy because most people need a “break” from their full-time job. They need to unwind. I can’t unwind. My mind is always racing and my hands and fingers are always ready to create. I am head over heals in love with art!
The other day I saw a quote I can’t quite shake. It was by Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables. He said, “The beautiful is as useful as the useful.” Think about that for a moment. Took me a starbucks venti until I saw the light. We all have “useful items.” But what Hugo suggests that is so refreshing is that my painting is just as valuable and just as important to human existence as the iPhone 25. See I believe the artist possesses a currency beyond the everyday humdrum of linear thinking. By stretching the horizons of my thoughts and feelings in the studio I believe I’m adding an invaluable commodity to the human experience.
The human soul is always hungry for beauty. We seek it everywhere. In the clothes we wear, in the cars we drive, in the places we live and in the faces we fall in love with. Everyone wants to be beautiful and have beautiful things! It’s the artist job to invoke and awaken beauty through any medium we choose.
Everyone knows the life of an artist can be a lonely one and the blues are never far away. Especially in a high tech uncertain world where the majority of conversation take place on a thin piece of colored glass. In a century riddled with anxiety and “get it done” now mantra, the slow churned craft doesn’t compete with the useful everyday machines.
However, painting unites our feelings, our thoughts and our dreams. It can capture luminous moments like a sunrise or snow on a bough. Or paint for paint sake. The beautiful is the opposite of the coursness we so often experience these days. I believe it is the job of every artist to keep beauty close to his heart at all times. These days I can’t think of anything more useful!


noah desmond

Inspired by nature, Noah has an impressionistic style that borders the edge of abstraction. He creates landscapes and florals with bold colors and a sense of movement that draw you deep into the work. His energetic compositions are rendered with vibrant color, vitality, and spontaneity. Visit for more information.

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