Wedding Stories

By Andrée Kosak, Trumps Catering

I’m always very excited at the beginning of every year to keep an eye on the Internet, Pinterest and elsewhere to see what the latest wedding trends might be. What I’m finding more than anything is that couples are much more interested in hosting a special reception versus a spectacular reception. What this means is personalizing their day to reflect who they are as a couple and including their closest friends and families in their decision making process.

For instance, the outdoor loving couple is more likely to register for backpacking equipment rather than the traditional fine china and most likely will host an outdoor wedding reception with activities like lawn games, fire pits and design their event menu with picnic fair type foods.

The couple who enjoys traveling might choose to have a destination wedding reception and may register for their guests to contribute to their honeymoon expenses rather than be loaded down with traditional wedding gifts like waffle irons and butter dishes.

So, here are a few things that I’ve found that are trending in 2016. Larger guest lists are out and more intimate affairs are being planned. The barn wedding is beginning to fade, ever so slightly, but the bride still prefers to be outdoors. I expect to see some new venues such as greenhouses or vineyards. Mason jars and burlap are supposedly being replaced with mismatched fresh flower vases. Themed wedding receptions are growing in popularity. Last year Trumps Catering had a Star Wars wedding reception as well as a Disney themed wedding reception. Lots of new fun with the use of GoPro cameras and videos made of the entire wedding weekend and not just the reception.

Here’s some interesting (different) things I read about online for wedding receptions. There’s nothing all that new about the couple’s pet dog being the ring bearer, with the pillow strapped to its back, but what do you think about Grandma as the flower girl? Or how about toasts to the bride and groom that are only done in song? Dancing down the aisle … I think I saw some of those videos on YouTube!

So now what I do know about … food! Here’s what’s trending in food for wedding receptions. The formal seated wedding dinner has been replaced by stations of fun foods like macaroni and cheese bar, mashed potato bar, popcorn bar, antipasto bar. Trumps Catering just designed and added a Milk and Cookies bar, intended for a late night snack. We’ve also served mini cups of creamy tomato soup with a wedge of grilled cheese sandwich as a late night snack as well.

The traditional wedding cake is getting a new look. It’s much smaller in size and now surrounded by nontraditional wedding desserts like pick up sweets, pies, donuts, ice cream and whatever the bride and groom’s favorite dessert is.

I’m always in favor of couples being creative and putting together a day that reflects their personalities. It certainly makes my job a lot more fun than it was when I was referring to etiquette books to find out what we were “supposed” to do and creating cookie cutter wedding receptions. I hope I’ve given someone some good ideas. I’ve got more … Come see me at Trumps!


Andrée Kosak has been with Trumps Catering since 1986 and now serves as President and Director of Catering. Andrée has been in the Athens area since 1968, when her father took a position with the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia and her mother took a position with then, Athens High School. She’s a graduate of Clarke Central High School and attended the University of Georgia.