What you need to know to purchase the right diamond engagement ring

By Tony Cruz, Senior Manager

How can I choose a diamond engagement ring when I can’t even match my socks?

You know that she is the one. You love everything about her and cannot imagine a life without her. Now is time to ask THE QUESTION. However, you have to buy the ring and you have no idea where to start. She is the love of your life and you want her to say YES without hesitation and fall in love with the ring.

Beware: Just because an engagement ring is at a very good price does not mean that it is the best buy for you. Preparation is important before beginning your search.

The perfect ring is possible if you follow a few tips. First, decide on a budget. You know what you can afford. Having a good idea will help your jeweler guide you to the perfect ring. Second, do your homework and be familiar with the “4 Cs”: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. These factors will determine the value of a diamond. Find a jeweler who will take the time to go over the 4 Cs so that you can understand what they mean and how they affect a diamond’s appearance and price. Use the facts of the 4 Cs to determine what kind of diamond you want to buy.

Third, have an idea of what she would like. Every person has their own style and tastes in fashion and jewelry. What is her style and taste? Pay attention to whether she likes simple styles, contemporary styles, or more conservative styles. Does she prefer white metals to yellow metals? Is her jewelry delicate or heavy, sleek or ornate? These observations will give a clue as to what style she would prefer and make it easier for you to find the right ring style.

Fourth, know her ring size if possible. If you have to “borrow” a ring to get the size checked, then be aware what hand she wears it on. Very few people have the same size ring finger on each hand. One technique to determining a ring size is to try it on your hand and mark or remember where it stopped. This information will help you and your jeweler determine a ring size that will work. It is better if the ring is a little big to start rather than a little small.

Fifth, have an idea of the shape of diamond she likes or dislikes. Has she commented on a friend’s or family member’s engagement ring? Maybe she has told you her preferences. If so, then you know what to choose. If not, then consider that it is better to stick to the classic shapes such as round or square. There is a good reason these shapes have been popular for so long.
Another factor to consider when picking a shape is whether she is more traditional. If so, round is best. If her tastes run more eclectic, a shape like triangle, pear, or marquise might be a good choice.

Sixth, determine what styles of ring she would like or what styles she does not like. Of course the diamond is important but the ring style is almost equally important. There are many styles available but a few basic styles are also worthy of consideration. A solitaire is classic. With this style the diamond is the star. This style is elegant, classy, simple and economical. Therefore, you have more of your budget to use toward the diamond.

Another classic style is a center stone with accents on the side like baguettes. This style, like the solitaire, is classic and simple. The three stone ring is very popular and has become a tradition over the last decade and a half. The stones are usually the same shape with the center stone larger than the other two.

A style which is very popular today and has many variations is the Halo. In the halo, the center stone is surrounded by small diamonds or gemstones set with small prongs. The halo can be the same shape of the center diamond or a different shape. The halo ring can be accented with stones on the side of the ring or have polished sides. There are many variations to consider.

Finally, and just as important as any of the other factors is to find a jeweler who you can trust. Find one that has a good reputation and professional training that will listen to you and answer your questions. Such a jeweler will ensure that the engagement ring buying process will be stress free.

JWR Jewelers has a collective experience in the jewelry industry of over 140 years. Our staff is professionally trained to help you find the right diamond and the right ring. Our selections and product knowledge are second to none.

We can help you with finding an engagement ring but you are on your own to match your socks.

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Tony Cruz graduated with a BBA in Management and a Juris Doctorate (JD) from UGA School of Law. He practiced law for 9 years. He has been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years and over 16 of those years full time. He has worked for JWR Jewelers for over 10 years as Store Manager. He is a GIA Graduate Gemologist.