The Complete Downsizing Company

By Greg Reeves

Greg Reeves, founder and owner of a locally owned senior downsizing company, Transitioning America, announces added services for his clients. The company now offers assisting its clients in organizing important documents as well as onsite document shredding.
Transitioning America is a complete senior downsizing company. The company will purchase or consign marketable items for resell, downsize the client’s current home. Standards include taking care of the disposal, donations, and shipping of all items. Greg Reeves and his staff can make necessary repairs, improvements and provide professional cleaning for home preparation to assist the client’s realtor. Complete moving services as well as resetting their new and future residence same day service is available. Greg Reeves and Transitioning America can provide evaluations on items for the beneficiaries of an estate to be shared equally.
The most rewarding part is working with those who are retired helping them establish the timeframe in which they wish to execute their goals.The look, tone of voice or that email filled with confidence gives me goose bumps just like when I would sit in the gym prepared for high school football games so many years ago. The band, with the first note on the drum, became louder. As the beat picked up, we ran out of the gym, down through the pines then at last on the field through that magnificent band as they played our school song. Knowing that band was always going to be there gave me a great peace of mind that there was always support. Many people today include their adult children in decision making regarding retirement.
There are 30 items to be done to complete a transition. Many questions to ask, phone calls to make and scheduling to be done. So many things to do in the transition from selling and disposing of items to the actual moving and reset of the new residence. The former residence needs cleaning and repairing to maximize the resale value.
I’ll take care of 29 of those 30 items that need to be done on the list.
I don’t sell the house, I simply specialize exactly in what I do and I am the best but I will certainly give you peace of mind knowing that everything will be done professionally and promptly and I will hand the key to your realtor. If you, your love one, adult children, or attorney would like to look at the options of downsizing and transition as well as selling partial or entire current or deceased estates hasslefree it only takes a single phone call. You don’t have to live in Georgia to have a consultation scheduled. We do many downsizing and transitions for people who live in other states or the decision-maker, adult children, attorney or the owner themselves complete the transaction through docusign. Our services are available in 31 states. I am an Athens native and reside here in the Athens Oconee area.
If you or someone you know that could benefit from these services with just one phone call please call Greg Reeves for a free consultation at (706) 255-5524. For more information you can go to the website at


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Greg Reeves, Athens native and standout quarterback, remains on several boards and has been very active throughout his career working on legislation protecting consumers while helping business grow. Greg has traveled the entire globe as a leader in the estate business specializing in jewelry and antiques and more specifically diamonds. Greg is a pioneer in buying and selling jewelry online.