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Malcolm Mitchell

A Tale of Two

By April James The University of Georgia and Auburn University’s football history dates back further than the Southeastern Conference, to which both teams belong. It…

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The Fragrance of LIFE

Make no mistake, fragrances of life flow from life! No food group, financial gain, extracurricular activity or success motivates like the adrenaline of life. Nothing brings peace like life. …

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Boarding Your Pet

When making travel plans, it is important to consider who will care for your pet. If you decide to use a boarding facility, begin the investigative process early so you can include the cost in your vacation budget and have time to make the process as smooth as possible.

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The Sound of Progress

The snick of scissors on a lock of hair, the woosh of blood though the arteries, the tap of keys pounding out code, the click of the switch routing power to an automated system…these are all sounds that excite and inspire a certain kind of person: the technician…

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The Story of Helen

For many years now people have been asking the question “How did this town happen?” They are some of the thousands of people who flock to see the minor miracle that transformed the tiny town of Helen into an Alpine Village…

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